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Thursday, Nov 11th
Genre Influences: Experimental Rock
Wonky Power Live Session presents Female Demand.

Being loud is an art. Strike that, being artfully loud is an art, being regular loud only requires some amperage. The key seems to be finding a way to harness the sound of collision, to ride on top of the train as it crashed. Few artists have really been able to do it. Iggy and the Stooges pulled it off with the in-the-red masterpiece Raw Power, and Butthole Surfers had more than their share of aggressive noise fests. Locally, Giant Princess churns out a good mob scene.However, when it comes to sheer explosiveness done without chaos we're hard-pressed to think of a better act than Female Demand. Their latest release, Outside the Universe is a tight collection of experimental prog metal, if you can all anything done with just drums and a bass rig prog metal, that would be annoying if it didn't rock so damned much.

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