Tax the Wolf is a psychedelic, experimental, prog-rock band formed in 2009. The band released one album titled “Hold the Sun”in 2010 and has won multiple music awards. Their unique songs are gripping with intensity and twists of post-punk and latin flavored soul.

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"Tax The Wolf put together a rolling, soaring, and diving mixture of progressive and psychedelic rock" H-Town Rock

"With trippy guitar figures and tempos that change on the dime it’s all too easy to stick the prog rock tag on Tax the Wolf. But where prog rock was often pockmarked by instrumental dillydallying, Tax’s songs have a more cohesive feeling, a series of brush strokes that together make a greater whole. The result are songs that are plenty melodic but with enough intriguing parts" - 29-95

"This is the most organic, least pretentious album from a “progressive” band I’ve heard in ages." - SCR

"In these contentious times, it's downright refreshing to see a band that seems willing to reach out across the great divide." - Houston Press

Members: Mario Rodriguez, Adrian Graniel, Alan Garza, Johnathan Presas


Tax the Wolf, Hold the Sun LP 2010

Latest Single:

Ghosts of Insects 2016