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Gio Chamba is a guitarist and singer with a unique blend of multicultural influences spanning from latin cumbia to hip-hop / electronica. His vibrant character, groovy beats, and explosive energy on-stage and off-stage has brought him noteworthy praise. Gio alongside Coffee Guzman on percussion form the duo behind the futuristic digital-cumbia movement. Their group recently received the “Best Dance Act” music award.

Music &  Video:


"Chamba is like a mix of Carlos Santana, At The Drive in, and Tito Puente while still keeping things fresh and inventive.  Anyone who’s seen him perform just once can tell you about something crazy he’s done for the sake of performing, and no one who sees him thinks that he couldn’t be the biggest act to come out of Houston in the past twenty years." – FPH

"The days of future past blended with Gio Chamba’s 21st-century sound generates the necessary party sounds FPSF needs. Chamba meshes traditional cumbia arrangements with electronic manipulations to create performances that force casual listeners to put away their smartphones and dance to his infectious beats. It is simply a matter of time before Chamba becomes an internationally beloved act; moreover, it is also only a matter of time before you start to hear throngs of musicians inspired by his ability to piece together two musical styles that beg to be joined together." Houston Press

Members: Gio Chamba, Coffee Guzman


Gio Chamba, CHAMBA EP 2015

Latest Single:

Soul Right, 2015