Dollie Barnes, hailing from Houston TX, mixes pop sensibilities with dream-like vocals into a pot of 60's and 70's inspired writing while still maintaining a sound that is all it's own, grabbing hold of the listener from the first note.

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"Over the past year or so, Dollie Barnes has begun asserting itself as one of the most promising bands in town." Houston Press

"I’d find it hard to believe that anyone who catches Dollie Barnes perform isn’t an immediate fan.  There’s a subtle beauty underneath hints of rock and Southern charm that dance all over the songs found here, and it only solidifies the strength of the band that those songs are written by an artist with realistic goals and the talent to achieve them." FPH

"Their sound mixes bluegrass-style rhythms with Texas harmonies and swing, forging a dark current in the stream of indie rock." Post Press Intl.

Members: Dollie Barnes on guitar and vocals, Tank Lisenbe on drums and vocals, Marshall Graves on bass, Austin Sepulvado on guitar and vocals, David Lascoe on keys and Tom Lynch on piano, Gus Alvarado on percussion.


Dollie Barnes, Caught in a Phase LP DUE LATE 2016

Latest Single:

Taking All Day, 2016


Record Label:

The What of Whom