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Ambient, Beats, Dancehall, Disco, Experimental, Footwork, Hip Hop, House, Jungle, Lo-Fi, R&B, Soul

XANTHOS is an enigmatic Dj/Producer and beat maker from Houston, TX. His music is intentionally crafted to help you feel. Dedicated to providing genre blending meditative sonic spaces, at the foundation of his work there is always something for your mind, your body and your soul. When asked about his goal as a creative he states, “I just want to make people feel something... I want to create a safe space, a healing space, a space to release.” He describes his musical catalogue as Sonic Journals... often reflective and rooted in vulnerability. You can feel the depth of his narrative through his sounds.. sounds that create a realm to escape to or transform within. “Music is my why, it tethers me to this existence... it gave me a reason to live and I just want to share that feeling with whoever my music resonates with.” - XANTHOS

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