We are excited to have you at our Axelrad concert series!
I’m attaching all of the information for the concert below. Please upload all assets below via Artist form.

( We need your Stage Plot + W9 + Payment Method + Press Photo immediately. )


All Artists absolutely must promote and announce concert. This is a crucial factor for us and this determines any future invitation to perform at our concerts.

Arrival & Parking:
Please arrive at least 1-1/2 hours before the showtime for load in/ sound check.
Luis Olveda (832)410-2748 , Memo Cardoze (281-702-9509) will be your sound techs for your concert unless otherwise noted.

MAIN OUTDOOR STAGE : Parking and loading area is located in the rear of the building and it is free.

UPSTAIRS STAGE: Load in through the main front entrance and go up the stairs.

Temporarily park while you unload at the front of the building. There is a large parking lot in the rear of the building where you can park after you unload.

All hospitality including free drinks and pizza vouchers will be given to you by the sound engineers. If you have any further questions please contact Mario Rodriguez (832)830-5839 or ask for any Axelrad manager on staff. Green Room is available upon request.

Radius Clause:

All artists are not allowed to perform any local concert within 30 miles of Axelrad 15 Days prior or after your scheduled date. (Unless

prior arrangement has been made and agreed upon with all parties involved.)

Cancellation Terms:
If the weather or any unnatural circumstance does not permit us to continue the concert we will have to cancel and re-schedule for a later date. If we cancel after 3pm on the DAY OF you can choose 2 options:

Receive 50% of your pay or Re-schedule for a later date with full pay.

If we cancel before 3pm we will not be paying any compensation.

Live Sound :

We provide all of the live sound production at Axelrad. Please view all stage specs here : Tech Specs
Please upload your stage plot, media assets below and let us know if you have any special requests for stage.

Wonky Power Records LLC. will be paying you in full after the concert has been over unless otherwise agreed upon. We can pay you via Venmo, Paypal, or Cash app. We can also pay you with a certified check but it will be mailed to your W9 address. Please Fill out form below! All payments will take 2-3 business days to process. If you have any urgent requests for faster payment please contact
Please upload your filled W9 form below to get paid properly.

Luigis Pizzeria provides all artists with complimentary large pizzas. In order to receive these please ask your stage manager for the pizza voucher.

We encourage all our performers to promote the event via their website, social media sites, and any other form of communication that you’d prefer. Please announce the concert immediately after confirmation. THIS IS A CRUCIAL FACTOR and any artist that does not announce or promote their performance will likely not be asked to return for any performance.
Please send all of your press photos/media assets to us immediately via the upload form below. All artwork or flyers must be approved before announcing. Every concert event must have the following wording "Axelrad Concert Series presents" and must always have Axelrad proper tags. Physical promotion on walls at Axelrad is not allowed - Please contact us for more details.

Axelrad will promote the event via our websites, social media, and print mediums.
All Axelrad concerts are FREE and we are open to all ages till 8pm.